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DartQ helps identify qualified cybersecurity candidates from a diverse pool of talent, enabling you to create a team that is both skilled and representative of a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

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DartQ’s aptitude test reduces unconscious bias so potential hires are evaluated on a level playing field and organizations

​can quickly fill the roles you need

  • Easy to deploy and scale. Get the wide-range of questions you need answered about each candidate, in a condensed and readable report for your team.

  • ​Customizable privacy, to keep the people you need in the loop, hassle free. 


Inclusion First Design

  • Developed by an industry leading team of cybersecurity, IT and psychometric experts.

  • Built to ensure Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, so you never miss out on candidates right for your team.​

  • Expand your talent pool and representation​ in your organization.

How it Works

How it Works

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The candidate is provided a secure link and completes DartQ's software/cybersecurity testing aptitude test.

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Once they hit send, their results will be processed through our testing algorithm within 24 hours.

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You receive a detailed and dynamic report outlining the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and predictive performance. 

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Hiring manager



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DartQ was developed by a diverse team of professionals, who are committed to fair hiring practices, and increasing opportunities for Women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in technology and cybersecurity. 


Company founder Karen Watson, a management consultant with over 20 years of IT experience, is passionate about reducing biases while creating inclusivity and diversity in the technology space, as to create a place for qualified talent.


We must design a future we recognize. Let's talk...

Find the right people with the right skills faster with DartQ

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