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What We Do 

DartQ Management Consulting works closely with clients to understand their needs, culture and priorities. We meet clients where they are... then elevate them by developing sustainable real-word, forward-thinking solutions.

Through our partnership with My Career Forward which is recognized by the International Coaching Federation, DartQ offers professional development coaching and assessments rooted in 25 years of psychometric and sociometric research. Our services effectively gauge and boost clients' psychological wellness, motivation, and skills, thereby elevating work satisfaction and social rapport, and fostering a balanced work-life dynamic and professional advancement.

  • Certified Professional Management Coaching: Certified through My Career Forward - ICF accredited - DartQ provides certified professional development coaching for employees, leveraging extensive psychometric and sociometric research to promote skill development, work satisfaction, work-life balance, and overall professional growth. 

  • Training: Executive Coaching Assessment & Feedback course offers comprehensive development in managing organizational change, career engagement, and work-life balance, using a unique approach that emphasizes adaptive potential, relational capacity, and overall well-being. Learners will gain insights into career management strategies, the importance of relational capital, and tools for enhancing job satisfaction, all within a context sensitive to diverse cultural worldviews.

Certified Professional 
Development Coaching

DartQ - Tech BIPOC Aptitude & Training

  • DartQ Tech-Aptitude: designed to level the playing field for women and BIPOC by reducing biases that may otherwise present barriers to entry in the technology space. We will help successful respondents to find training & Jobs. 

  • For Candidates: If you have the aptitude, we'll help you to find cybersecurity / technology jobs  or training.

  • For Employers: We help you find resources or identify your current employees who have an aptitude then support them to find training or those who would benefit from on-the-job training.

Management Consulting Services

  • Transformational Change Management: Organizational design, communications, training & barrier-removal 


  • Workshops: Group and one-on-one professional management workshops, leadership training, goal-setting

  • Technology: IT strategy, software analysis,  cybersecurity analysis

  • Business Reports: Feasibility and economic studies

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