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What We Do 

Dart Management Consulting works closely with clients to understand their needs, culture and priorities. We meet clients where they are... then elevate them by developing sustainable real-word, forward-thinking solutions.

Affordable Housing ​

  • Funding: Dart takes a creative approach to obtaining housing related funding by leveraging approaches traditional and alternative funding


  • Rapid Housing Develop: We source globally to find the best housing materials for rapid development 


Diversity-Based Aptitude Tests 

  • DartQ Tech-Testing Aptitude: designed to level the playing field for women and BIPOC by reducing biases that may otherwise present barriers to entry in the technology space.

  • Training and Resourcing: DARTQ can help to identify training requirements and Dart can provide job-ready resources.


  • Change Management: Organizational Design, Communications & C-Curve Transitions


  • Technology: IT Strategy, Software Analysis, Cybersecurity Analysis

  • Business Reports: Feasibility & Economic Studies

  • Workshops: Leadership & Performance Workshops

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